7 Tips to Help Your Children Avoid Injuries on Halloween

2017-09-05T20:51:17+00:00By |Personal Injury|

Halloween is a great time to be a kid. But adults aren’t missing out: Many choose to celebrate the holiday by partying. Unfortunately, drunk driving rates spike on October 31, and if your kids plan to trick-or-treat, it is essential that they understand the dangers of the road. […]

Want to Avoid Accidents in Rainy Weather? 6 Tips from a Pittsburgh Injury Attorney

2017-09-05T20:51:17+00:00By |Personal Injury|

Alcohol, defective auto parts, distractions – there are countless factors that can lead to car accidents, but some are less predictable than others. One of the most dangerous risk factors associated with car crashes in the United States is something we see regularly: rain. […]

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