Snowy Roads Bring Hazards to Holiday Travel

2017-12-26T17:19:31+00:00By |Personal Injury|

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania. If the past several weeks are any indication of what is to come, snowy weather is likely to wreak havoc on Pittsburgh roads this holiday season. According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, snowy roads last week led to several accidents. Even though the Gazette reports that the snow showers were minor, they still resulted [...]

Allegheny County’s Dangerous Intersections for Car Accidents

2017-12-08T18:53:59+00:00By |Personal Injury|

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania. Some intersections are simply more dangerous than others. You may have sensed it while driving. Perhaps there were blind spots, or maybe there were many lanes crossing and merging that just gave you a bad feeling. Up until recently, drivers would have only been able to guess which intersections were the most dangerous. [...]

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