When Doctors Dismiss Women’s Symptoms-Injury and Death Sometimes Follows

2018-01-25T16:50:27+00:00By |Personal Injury|

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania. Serena Williams recently gave birth, but she, like many other women in America, suffered from frightening and life-threatening birth complications. According to Vogue, Williams experienced “shortness of breath” while recovering from a C-section in the hospital. Williams had suffered from blood clots in the past and she knew the symptoms. She spoke to [...]

Traumatic Brain Injuries In A Car Accident

2018-01-16T19:30:44+00:00By |Personal Injury|

Traumatic brain injuries occur when the head is struck, jerked, or penetrated by any foreign object. Injuries can be sustained in the range of mild to severe. In a mild brain injury loss of full conscious awareness may persist for some time. The majority of all reported traumatic brain injuries are the result of an [...]

Fire Prevention and Safety

2018-01-16T17:14:20+00:00By |Personal Injury|

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania. As temperatures drop, the risk for fires increases. Across Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania, we’ve seen several deadly fires in just the past few weeks alone. In Pittsburgh, cold weather interfered with fire fighters’ ability to fight off flames when a home burst into flames, according to Pittsburgh’s Action News 4. And, in Salem Township, [...]

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