Can You Still Suffer a Head Injury While Wearing a Bike Helmet?

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania. Bike riders are constantly reminded to wear their bike helmets to prevent head injuries. Yet, wearing a bike helmet alone won’t always protect you from a head injury. Research indicates that wearing a bike helmet can prevent approximately 85% of head injuries. What happens in the other 15% of injured individuals? Serious accidents can leave victims suffering from head injuries or even death. According to the Journal of Injury Prevention, an improperly fitting bike helmet can also result in injuries.

Researchers studied what went wrong when children were injured while wearing bike helmets. In some cases, the children were injured because their helmets weren’t a right fit. The research sends a clear warning to parents—giving your children a bike helmet isn’t enough to protect them from head injury.

There are other reasons why bike helmets fail. If the force of impact exceeds the impact forces for which the helmet is designed to protect riders, riders can suffer a head injury. This can occur in high-speed collisions, or when a rider falls head first from the bike. If a person hits their head in a place not covered by the helmet, riders can also still suffer from head injuries. This is why it is important to look at helmet fit—for both children and adults. If the helmet is not worn properly, it can also fail. Children should be taught how to properly wear helmets and adults should read all instructions provided by the helmet manufacturer.

According to Consumer Reports, the majority of deaths and injuries related to bike accidents occur due to head injuries. The importance of wearing a helmet cannot be stated enough. Yet, how do you choose a helmet that is right for you? Consumer Reports offered some tips. First, choose a snug fit. If the helmet moves when you shift your head, it’s not right. Consider ventilation when choosing a helmet. If your head isn’t ventilated, you’ll be hot, and therefore less likely to wear the helmet. Consider the weight of the helmet. If you are a long-distance rider or if you are new to riding, the weight could make a difference in how comfortable the helmet is to wear.

Unfortunately, many bike accidents are the result of driver error. Bike riders are often cautious road users who understand that following the law is essential to staying alive. When drivers make mistakes, serious accidents can occur.

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