Electric Scooter Companies Face Lawsuits

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania. Electric scooters are appearing in more cities nationwide. The scooters are available for rent throughout major urban centers. Yet, when electric scooters share the road with cars, more accidents are likely to take place. The risks for scooter riders are like those facing bike riders. Scooter riders don’t have the protective chassis of a vehicle. They take up a smaller profile on the road than cars and drivers may not always be likely to see them. The fact that scooters are electric may also impact safety. Riders can sometimes travel at faster speeds than they otherwise would.

According to QZ, emergency room doctors report an increase in broken bones and head injuries related to riding electric scooters. In California, riders submitted a class action lawsuit claiming that scooter companies don’t provide adequate safety information to riders. Scooter companies claim that safety is their number one priority, but QZ reported on a study that shows that one scooter company’s Instagram account may not necessarily be promoting safety. In fact, researchers found that in one company’s Instagram post, only 6% of photos showed riders wearing safety equipment.

In some cases, Instagram photos on the company sites show riders with animals or riders engaging in distracted scooter riding. Not all companies are alike. Some do have photos showing riders wearing helmets and engaging in safe behavior. Yet, some electric scooter companies may be pushing to relax helmet laws. Scooter companies promote their vehicles for their convenience. It isn’t convenient to carry around a bike helmet.

Yet, a helmet can save your life, especially if you suffer a fall from a scooter or if you hit your head.

Electric scooter companies have also come under fire for another aspect of their business model that has been seen as a nuisance and a possible safety hazard. According to QZ, business owners in California are suing one electric scooter company, claiming that scooters left on sidewalks and near businesses are create unsafe situations for their customers and issues for those with mobility challenges. Dockless riding can be convenient for riders, but it has come under fire because some business owners and community members believe that the scooters are increasing city blight.

Some property owners are expressing concern that they could face legal liabilities if a person is injured due to the presence of an electric scooter dropped near their property. The lawsuit against electric scooter companies appears to be proactive, attempting to show that the responsibility would be on the electric scooter company were someone to get hurt. Only time will tell what the courts decide.

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