How Often Are Vehicles Recalled in the United States?

Buying a new car might seem like a much safer option than purchasing a used vehicle. However, despite undergoing extensive tests for safety and performance, an alarming number of vehicles enter the consumer market with dangerous defects.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 63.9 million vehicles were recalled in 2014 alone. The problems ranged from minor issues with seat designs to brakes that failed to engage at high speeds.

Unfortunately, many people do not learn about vehicle recalls until it is too late. If you were hurt or lost a family member due to an auto part defect, you may have grounds for a claim against the designer, manufacturer or vender of the product.

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My Vehicle Was Recalled – What Should I Do?

A vehicle recall is a serious matter that requires your immediate attention. If your vehicle was recalled, take these three steps immediately:

  1. Learn about the Recall

The NHTSA website provides comprehensive information about vehicle recalls. You can search for details about a specific recall using your Vehicle Identification Number. Your VIN has 17 characters, and you should be able to find it on your vehicle’s registration card or insurance card.

Using the VIN search tool, you can learn about:

  • Vehicle safety recalls that were conducted over the last 15 years;
  • Vehicle safety recalls initiated by major light auto manufacturers; and
  • Vehicle safety recalls that are incomplete.
  1. Contact Your Vehicle Manufacturer

Typically, the manufacturers of recalled vehicles will offer one or more of these options: to replace your vehicle, to repair it or to issue a refund. If the problem is complex, then the manufacturer may issue a refund or give you a replacement vehicle. Minor issues can usually be repaired.

  1. Consult an Injury Attorney

If you were injured or lost a family member due to a vehicle defect, you should contact an auto accident lawyer immediately. Over time, important evidence may become unavailable, and it may be difficult to tie your loved one’s death to the vehicle defect.

If the incident happened in Pennsylvania, contact Goodrich and Associates, P.C. Jack Goodrich is the past President of the Western Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Association. He is a current member of the Allegheny County Bar Association and a past member of the ACBA Rules Committee, Civil Litigation and Judiciary Committees.

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