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Vehicular Accidents



1.    Remain calm and stop your vehicle immediately.

2.    Call the police, ambulance, or fire services. What appears to a minor injury can sometimes be very serious.

Be sure to allow medical personnel to examine you and tell them of any pains you may be experiencing.

3.    Gather the following information from any other drivers and vehicles involved:

a. Name

b. Address

c. Phone number

d. Drivers license number (including expiration date)

e. License plate number

f.  Registration

g. Insurance Information, including the policy number.

*Use the Goodrich and Associates, P.C. Accident Form (click here).  Keep one in your vehicle in case of an accident.

4.    Obtain the names and addresses of all the witnesses to the accident, including the passengers in any other vehicles.

5.    Take photographs of the following:

a. The accident scene, if you can do so safely

b. Vehicle involved in the accident, as well as damage

c. Any skid marks – try to use a ruler or shoe so the size of the skid mark can be determined

d. The roadway, intersection, or any landmarks to help identify where the accident happened

        *Cell phones with camera are great for this – make sure you email the photos or back them up to a

                  separate device in case something later happens to your phone. 

6.    Remain calm, and cooperate with the police and all other emergency personnel.

Avoid speaking to any other people at the accident scene. Do NOT accept responsibility for the accident.

7.    Do not leave the scene until the police have notified you to do so or you are being transported

by emergency service personnel.

8.    Call your insurance company and notify them of the accident immediately.

9.    Refuse to provide a recorded statement until you speak to us.

DO remain calm and stop your vehicle immediately.
DO call the police and other emergency personnel.
DON’T ignore pain!

DO allow medical personnel to thoroughly examine you.
DO take photographs of the accident scene and vehicles; get all witnesses’ information.
DO get insurance information from the other driver.[Use the free Goodrich & Associates Accident Form (click here) to help assure you get all necessary information.] DO call your insurance to notify them of the accident.

DON’T hastily accept a settlement offer.
DO cooperate with the police and emergency personnel.

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