Woman Hospitalized after School Bus Crashes through Wall

A woman was taken to University Medical Center with moderate injuries after an accident that sent a Clark County school bus through a cinderblock wall and into a residential backyard. According to the homeowner, this was the third time a vehicle had hit the wall since April.

The Las Vegas Sun reports that no children were on the bus when the crash happened. The injured was driving at the intersection of Durango Drive and Ann Road at around 6:30 a.m. when her vehicle collided with the school bus.

This wreck is a reminder that accidents involving buses and large trucks can be devastating. Hospital bills and property damage can cost a veritable fortune, and victims are often unable to return to work while they recover.

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What Damages Can I Claim after a Bus Accident in Nevada?

Each personal injury case is unique, and several factors will determine the types of damages you can claim and their value. An accident attorney can evaluate your case, calculate your damages, and help you make a claim for the highest possible compensation.

In the state of Nevada, victims of personal injury may be entitled to compensation for the following damages:

  1. Medical expenses;
  2. Lost income;
  3. Property damage;
  4. Loss of enjoyment in life;
  5. Loss of consortium;
  6. Pain and suffering; and
  7. Punitive damages.

It is not always possible to recover punitive damages. These are intended to punish the defendant for particularly egregious behavior. If, for example, the driver who caused your injuries was drunk or high on drugs at the time of the accident, then you may be awarded punitive damages, pursuant to NRS 42.010.

NDPS: Traffic Fatalities in Nevada Are on the Rise

Data from the Nevada Department of Public Safety shows that 2015 was the deadliest year on our state’s roads since 2008. At least 321 people died in motor-vehicle accidents in 2015 – which marked a 10.3-percent increase from 2014.

The number of serious traffic injuries is also on the rise. In 2014, there were at least 1,209 serious traffic injuries in Nevada, which was the highest rate since 2011.

These statistics reveal that traffic injuries and fatalities are alarmingly common in Nevada. Victims often endure long-term and sometimes permanent physical and psychological trauma.

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