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Your Case


Selecting an attorney can be confusing. The attorney and firm must have experience in the area
in which you seek legal advice. Equally important is that the attorney and firm’s value system
aligns with yours. Deceivingly, a lot of people who advertise on television and radio claim to be
trial attorneys, but in actuality they are not. Some are merely spokespeople for the business.
Jack Goodrich welcomes the opportunity to discuss your case face to face and insure you will truly agree he is in fact a trial lawyer.

Jack Goodrich has been trying cases for over 30 years and has a superb track record.


The most common question is, “Do I have a case?”  Allow our expertise to answer that question. Through a fact-finding meeting, we will review the situation, evidence and any other pertinent information. If necessary, we will also consult
with experts to lend insight into your case, all at no cost to you.


For injury cases, Goodrich and Associates works on a contingent basis, which means we receive payment when/if we win your case.  Expenses are deducted from the final settlement and then a payment is made to you.   For other legal services,
a fee is charged along with expenses.  Specific terms will be outlined for your individual legal needs.

For injury cases, a written retainer agreement will be executed to ensure that your rights are protected.  In Pennsylvania, an agreement is required for a  contingent fee to be valid.  The “short fee agreement” is common; however, take time to read the agreement before signing.


At Goodrich and Associates, P.C., we pride ourselves on effectively communicating with you about your case. We pledge to return calls and respond to emails in a timely manner.  You will receive copies of correspondence and communication.  The legal process does take time and sometimes answers are not always quick.  However, rest assured we are here to support you.

During our fact-finding meeting, we will establish a tentative timeline for your individual case or need.
We will answer all of your questions and protect you.

At Goodrich and Associates, Jack Goodrich and his staff will work for you and your family. Your interests will always come first. Let our experienced legal team work for you.  We have handled thousands of cases during the past 30 years.

When experience and results matter, choose Goodrich and Associates.

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