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Personal injury claims are complex and often times very stressful. A personal injury lawyer Pittsburgh specializing in litigation can help guide you through the complexities and put your mind at ease. Even the simplest of accidents involve a considerable amount of complicated issues. For instance:

•  Wage loss benefits

If you are injured in an accident and as a result miss work, you could be entitled to loss wages payments from your insurance company and the person who caused the accident.


•  First party/collision benefits

First party benefits are payments your own insurance company makes on your behalf when you are in an automobile accident. These benefits include: vehicle repairs, medical treatment, extraordinary medical, income loss, and death or funeral expenses related to the collision. These are benefits which you carry under your own insurance policy.


•  Third party benefits

Third party benefits are payments made by the defendant’s insurance company, but only if they are found to be responsible for the collision and injuries. These payments would cover expenses and losses not covered by your own first party benefits.


•  Wage loss benefits

If you are injured in an accident and as a result miss work, you could be entitled to loss wages payments.


•  Underinsured motorist coverage

When the defendant’s insurance coverage (the third party benefits) is not enough to cover your injuries, expenses and property damage; underinsurance coverage will compensate you for your remaining damages.


•  Uninsured coverage

When you are injured by a motorist who does not carry automobile insurance (1 out of 7 drivers), uninsured motorist coverage under your own insurance policy will protect you to ensure that you are compensated for your loss as a result of the collision.


•  Health insurance subrogation

When your private health insurance pays for injuries caused by the fault of another, sometimes your health insurance company may be entitled to reimbursement. This reimbursement to your health insurance company comes out of any award or settlement you receive. Therefore, it is important to know the amount of any lien you must pay back before you settle your case.


•  Statute dates and filing deadlines

When you are injured you have a limited time period to assert your rights, also known as a Statute of Limitations. If you fail to assert a claim within the Statute of Limitations, you will be barred from bringing a lawsuit. Additionally, after you are involved with a lawsuit, there are deadlines throughout the case which you must meet or else you may suffer severe negative consequences.

Without our help, you could lose monies owed to you.

Consider this: according the most recent statistics published by Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, in 2011 alone, there were 125,395 reportable traffic crashes in Pennsylvania, claiming the lives of 1,286 people, and injuring another 87,839.

Annually in Pennsylvania, on average:
•    1 out of every 43 people are involved in a reportable crash
•    344 reportable traffic crashes occur each day –approximately 14 crashes every hour
•    Each day, 4 lives are claimed in a traffic crash– approximately one death every 7 hours
•    241 people are injured per day – that’s 10 injuries every hour
•    1 out of every 7 drivers are uninsured – this is why you need uninsured coverage

Additionally, according to the most recent statistics from the Pennsylvania Department of Health, approximately 148,626 people were admitted to the hospital for injuries in 2011 incurring on average hospital charges of $30,063.  Will your health coverage be enough? In Pennsylvania, state law only requires $15,000 in minimum liability coverage and $5,000 in medical coverage.

When you are injured due to someone else’s fault, you need a lawyer you can trust with the experience and strength to help guide you through the intricacies of a personal injury claim. We recognize that this is a difficult time in your life, and we are committed to providing you with the quality service you expect and deserve.

For over 30 years, Jack P. Goodrich, Esquire, has handled a wide array of claims ranging from automobile accidents to defective product.  Our firm is well known and respected by our former clients, insurance companies, and their attorneys.

We never charge a fee unless we recover money from the person responsible. This is commonly referred to as a contingency agreement*.f


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* We handle all personal injury cases on a contingency fee agreement, meaning no payment is due unless there is recovery or award in a case. See our fee agreement online.

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