We’ve seen injuries come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: the pain.

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If you’ve been injured in any way, you need medical help to get better and legal help to make sure your recovery is complete.

Jack Goodrich and Associates has successfully represented thousands of clients, winning hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements and judgements over the years. We know what our clients need and what it takes to win for them.

And it’s risk free. No money, no fee

If you’ve been injured, here’s what to do:

  • Get the medical help you need first. Your recovery is paramount.
  • Make notes of what happened, when and where. Don’t rely on “remembering” later down the road.
  • Gather basic evidence. Take pictures. Record names and numbers for any witnesses. Get a police report if they were involved.
  • Access medical records. Keep packaging and product if injured by a defective product.
  • Then call Jack Goodrich and Associates. We’ve helped thousands of injured parties, just like you, navigate the complex legal process necessary to get you what you deserve.
  • Our experts know what to look for, where to search and how to construct winning arguments for maximum compensation.

You need to heal, and there’s one way to get what you deserve to do just that: Get Jack on their back.


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