We know. This is an incredibly difficult time. Family, friends, employees, customers and the very future of your business are all in the crosshairs of the coronavirus.

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One thing you should know. When business is disrupted, there may be legal recourse.

Jack Goodrich & Associates is prepared to answer your questions about a business interruption insurance claim in a free, no-obligation consultation.

Business interruption insurance is typically not a stand-alone policy, but part of an overall comprehensive insurance or property/casualty policy. If you, like many small and mid-sized business owners, secured such a policy, you may have questions about your future and filing a claim.

Act NOW and we can help:

  • A no-cost review of your policy will provide you a clear understanding of what is expressly covered and what is not.
  • Types of damages, loss of income, operating expenses and other factors may be factors for consideration.
  • During the SARS pandemic, courts awarded claims for business interruption.
  • Current policies may not specifically exclude losses from pandemics

Request a Free Consultation below or
CALL NOW (412) 261-4663.

Request a Free Consultation below or
CALL NOW (412) 261-4663.